About us - TheResearchBrowser


TheResearchBrowser started developing its iPadĀ® application in 2012 in Berlin.
Thanks to our young and enthusiastic team of developers we'll soon be launching other versions of TheResearchBrowser for all the popular platforms.

Who are we?

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Andrew Sitterman

Tom De Ruysser

Co-Founder and CEO of TheResearchBrowser.

Co-Founder and COO of TheResearchBrowser.

Not satisfied with the search- and share possibilities offered online, Andrew saw a huge chance in the spread of social media and mobile applications. He decided to start his own development of a set of applications for different platforms so that people can come together online and collect information from the Internet to do research into specific topics of interest or to look together for things of interest like a new mobile phone, a new home, a new car etc.

Tom is responsible for the day-to-day running and evolution of TheResearchBrowser.

Sharing Andrew's insight that social media and mobile applications offer a big opportunity to make people's life easier on the Internet, Tom co-founded TheResearchBrowser.

The team of 6

TheResearchBrowser has a young and dynamic team of designers, system specialists, developers and testers that continuously work on making TheResearchBrowser into a portfolio of applications for all major platforms.