Privacy Policy - TheResearchBrowser

Privacy Policy

Version 1.0, 23 June 2014

If you wish to use the TheResearchBrowser application provided by Columbus Internet GmbH, you must agree with data collection according to the following privacy policy.

1. Principles

Columbus Internet GmbH is committed to protecting your personal data regardless of its location.

Columbus Internet GmbH collects, processes and uses your personal data in compliance with data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection provisions of the European Union.

Depending on your country of residence different privacy laws may apply. In case stricter regulations apply, we will comply with these regulations.

2. Responsible individual

If you have any questions about stored personal data, you may contact our data protection officer Andrew Sittermann.

The service provider responsible within the meaning of the Data Protection Act is

Columbus Internet GmbH
Marienburger Strasse 33
D - 10405 Berlin

3. Scope of data collection

You can sign in to our TheResearchBrowser application with:

• your Facebook account, in which case Facebook will provide the application with access to your profile data stored on Facebook
• your e-mail and password as defined during the account setup procedure

The application uses your personal information only to allow you to use the TheResearchBrowser application and only to the extent necessary for this according to the Terms of Use. In no event will Columbus Internet GmbH provide your personal information for promotional or marketing purposes to third parties for information or disclose it to third parties.

Once signed in you can join a Project:

• by creating one yourself or
• by accepting an invitation from someone else.

You acknowledge and accept that all participants to a project are able to see your activity within the Project in detail (henceforth referred to as Project data). In particular they can see:

• What you have clicked on
• Searches you perform
• Chat-entries /votes you have entered
• Items you have added to the Project (proposals)

Project data are only visible to the other participants of the Project. They are not visible to other users of TheResearchBrowser.

4. Disclosure of personal data

Columbus Internet GmbH will not share personal information with third parties, except as may be necessary for the service you requested, or for compelling legal reasons. We will only disclose your personal information to third parties, if it is necessary to protect or enforce our rights or important rights of another member. In such cases, we will inform you and grant you a reasonable time to respond.

5. Deletion of data

You always have the right to revoke  your consent to the storage of your personal data. We also have the right to delete or remove your personal data from the application, if you make a copyright violation or engage in other illegal activities.

6. Processing anonymous / aggregated data

We may use aggregated data (free of any personal identifiers) for research or commercial purposes, in particular for the description of our services to members, potential partners and advertisers. This data is aggregated and all personally identifiable information is removed, such that it cannot be traced back to you.

7. Cookies

We use "cookies", i.e. small files that are stored on your hard disk.
The TheResearchBrowser application offers certain features that are available only when using cookies. Most cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a session from your hard disk. You can decline our cookies at any time, by adjusting the settings in your browser. Please note that then, however, some functions of our application will not be available.

8. Security

Your personal data will be treated with utmost care and confidentiality. Nevertheless data transmission over the Internet does not provide absolute security. We can therefore accept no liability for disclosure of data by unauthorized third parties, even if we do everything we can to prevent unauthorized access.

9. Consent to the privacy policy

By using TheResearchBrowser you agree to the use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and to consent that your personal data will be sent to Germany, where it is processed further. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, use of TheResearchBrowser is not permitted.